As far as I know, the fx-CG calculators use a SuperH 4 CPU, but the SDK uses
to compile, which seems to be SuperH 3. Is there a reason for this, and would there be any performance advantage to using SuperH 4 if that's possible?
Never mind, apparently the command line options say to produce SH4 code

MACHDEP = -mb -m4a-nofpu -mhitachi -nostdlib
What architecture is supported actually depends on the multilib setting. You can see which by looking for --with-multilib-list in the configuration options reported by sh3eb-elf-gcc -v. I build mine with m3 and m4-nofpu. Note that while it is tempting to build for the sh4-nofpu-elf target it doesn't actually work and the resulting compiler produces a lot of FPU code in the presence of va_lists.

Anyway, the fx-9860G that was targeted by the official fx-9860G SDK from which the Prizm SDK has been designed had an SH3 processor. I think that's where it comes from historically. ^^
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