I recently made a video about customising and hydrodipping some 84+ CE's. Thought yall might find it interesting Smile

Heres the link: https://youtu.be/tZw_DQpbGZA
That's a very awesome project and I love the way the results turned out! The mistake during the first hydro dip attempt and forgetting the little bits as you were putting the calculator back together were very relatable. Nothing cool ever works on the first try. My CE went a few months without a reset button because I had forgotten to put it back in after stuffing in a wireless charger. Laughing

I wonder how well the hydro dipping works for glossy components like the front of older TI-84 Plus CEs or the interchangeable faceplate of the TI-84 Plus (C)SE. I suppose you'd just have to do a more thorough job of sanding?
Thank you! And Im guessing it would require a lot more sanding as well. If I can get my hands on a 84+ I will definitely do another video on it.
That’s absolutely beautiful! I particularly love the first one with the black and white pattern
Thanks Michael! The black and white one is my personal calc and was my test for the whole concept.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Nothing cool ever works on the first try.

Air cooling my TI-84+ went so smoothly that it was a little suspicious. To this day, I still find it strange that everything was so straightforward.
Very nice work! As most of the other people here, I also probably like the black and white one better, but really like how the red/white/green one turned out as well. Additionally, the video is quite well made: I particularly like those little timelapses that you made of you putting the calculator back together.

Anyway, great work on this, and I look forward to seeing more hardware projects from you in the future!
Thanks Epsilon! I enjoy editing and make an effort to keep the quality high.
Those look great; thanks for sharing your work. Like TheLastMillennial, I'm curious about the additional complexity of hydrodipping the front cover, not just for the glossiness but also for being able to clean out the key apertures given the tight key tolerances.
I think getting the front cover is certainly possible, but youd lose all the alpha and 2nd keys and the sanding would be a nightmare. Maybe if I get my hands on a broken calc Ill try it lol
Wow! How creative! in my good time I used to customize almost everything: clothes, covers, furniture. It was so enjoyable. Unfortunately now I don't feel inspiration for this but I love so much to see creative works of others.
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