Hi there I’m considering buying the CX 2 to use with Python to create games/ play with the microbit and just curious how well Python works on that calculator? Any limits or program max length requirements or anything?

Thanks, Nyt
The python on it is not bad, but you do not have access to most external libraries (e.g. numpy).

I'd recommend using the ndless SDK over python, though. It's much faster than python on the calculator, and you have much more options with it.
Ok thanks! I think I’d rather stick to the default TI options rather than jailbreak tbh as I know ndless is not always compatible with updates etc

Long story short if I create a Python program with the built in libraries (which from research should be fine for my micro but idea etc) are there any limits on program length etc like max lines or file size etc do you know please?

Also can I store values or user data somehow? Like save states for games etc? Not sure if you can do file open or something or if you have set areas to save to?

Hope that makes sense, thanks!

Edit: And sorry you mentioned speed, is Python too slow to make games or just slower than C/ndless language implantations?

Thanks Very Happy
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