I was looking through the GitHub source code and the wiki for PrizmSDK but under syscalls I saw that there was no Bdisp_DrawLineVRAM. I was wondering what happened to this syscall because I’ve seen it used before, and I would assume it’s semi-essential for drawing polygons.
I think this is just a different name for another syscall.

It could be referring to syscall 0x1D2, which I refer to as Bdisp_LineC16.

Here is an example of using the syscall:

#include <fxcg/display.h>
#include <fxcg/keyboard.h>

void Bdisp_LineC16();

__asm__(".text; .align 2; .global _Bdisp_LineC16; "
        "_Bdisp_LineC16: mov.l sc_addr, r2; mov.l 1f, r0; "
        "jmp @r2; nop; 1: .long 0x1d2; "
        "sc_addr: .long 0x80020070");

int main(void) {
  // Bdisp_LineC16(unsigned int x1, unsigned int y1, unsigned int x2, unsigned int y2, int mode, unsigned short color);
  Bdisp_LineC16(1, 1, 100, 100, 1, COLOR_GREEN);

  int key;
  while (1) {
  return 0;

Setting mode to one should draw the line, but for more info on this parameter, see simLo's documentation around TShape. The mode parameter is just f[2] of TShape, and f[3] is set to 1.

For more info, see my syscall documentation here. Page 4 describes the Bdisp Shape syscalls.

Let me know if the code doesn't work or if you have any other questions.
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