This issue occurred recently. I was using my calculator and then an error message popped up with some error code which had the option to either initialize or reboot. initializing did nothing so after choosing reboot it went to a loading screen which never ended. After taking the batteries out and putting them back in it seemed to work as usual but the same error popped up after a minute of use. I tried to change the batteries and nothing seemed to change. Can anyone help me?
Have you tried reinstalling the operating system?
clevor wrote:
Have you tried reinstalling the operating system?

how do I do that? I tried resetting everything through the calculator itself and what I found out is that after I press "Initialize All" The same error comes up.
I would usually use reboot instead of initialize, as I'm not really sure what initialize does.

In terms of updating the OS, look here, and download the Windows or Mac version of the fx-CG50 series OS 3.60 update. Unfortunately, they don't provide a Linux installer so if you run that you will need a VM.
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