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Hello! I'm currently working on an emulator for the HACK computer from the nandToTetris curriculum that is taught in many Computer Science courses. HACK is a general-purpose, von Neumann architecture computer system. Its simplicity will make it relatively easy to emulate on the Ti84CE. I am using C for this project.

I am wondering if this project is something that this forum would be interested in getting updates for. I know this architecture might be niche, but if this is something any of you are familiar with and might think is cool I'll follow up with a post under this topic with more information about what I'm doing.

Below is more information about nand2Tetris:
Yes of course, this is right up our alley! Smile
hackCE: A nand2Tetris HACK Emulator for Ti84CE

My goals for this project are:

  • Load Program from AppVar Done!
  • Process loading instructions Done!
  • Process ALU instructions Done!
  • Implement computer RAM In progress...
  • Handle Jump instructions Not started
  • Handle writing to screen Not started
  • Handle key input Not started

This emulator will be executing 16 bit machine language instructions that have been converted into an appvar. In the curriculum, machine language is stored as ascii zeros and ones in a text file, but for this project, they need to be stored in binary files. Currently I am writing my test programs in a hex editor, and am using Mateo's convbin to turn it into an appvar. In the future I am planning on writing conversion software that takes a text file of machine code and converts it directly into an AppVar.

If you have any questions about this project I would love to answer them! Very Happy
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