Well thank you all for your additional testing and getting the message out regarding this firmware/OS version 3.80.

I'm still happily running 3.70 with no issues.

Hopefully this being reported on multiple forums now saves people the trouble of having to roll their calculators back to 3.70.

It will definitely be interesting to see what, if anything, comes from Casio out of this.
Fixed with version 3.80.1, built on April 19th and released this morning, download over there :

Less than a week for the whole process, Casio is faster than light !
3.80.1 works correctly on my machine.
The bug seems to be resolved now.
Good job Casio. Reactive and well done.
Thumbs up !!
I can also confirm that I am unable to reproduce the bug with the latest OS. Very Happy

Thanks again to everyone, and way to go Casio! Good Idea
Very nice! Now that 3.8 works, what does it actually add...?
Before I read this thread, I updated to 03.80.0212. Now after I read the problems here, I followed the link in this thread to try to get 3.80.1 but after a long install process, I get a message saying I already have the latest version. I just checked it and it's still 03.80.0212. How can I load 03.80.1?
You already have OS 3.80.1. The numbering is confusing; we say "3.80.1" referring to the major/minor/patch convention, but the number you see on the calculator is broken down like this:

03 - major
80 - minor
0 - regional indicator
2 - some math features
1 - patch
2 - some sort of hardware revision

So you're good to go.
The fx-CG50 3.80 update seems to have nothing new, but the French version has a new app called Calculate which is Run-Matrix but redesigned a bit
This is a bit more complex than it seems to be.

Looking at the OS menu, it is clear that nothing appears to be change on fxCG50 (in 3.80.0 and on 3.80.1), but as we were able to make the addins crash also on fxCG50, this means that despite no "external visible changes", the inner stuff is different when compared to 3.70.

I agree it is a bit strange to see a modification of the apps on the Graph 90+E (i.e. the french version of fxCG50) and nothing visible on the fxCG50.

Let see what will come in the next revisions of the OS.
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