Hey guys, i've started making a game in full TI basic! the main game file is already 1471 bytes large, but there is also a few pics as well. here is the link to just the code, the Pics are not included so you will get errors. Here is the game:
Also, source coder 3 said that the game and all 4 of the pics where too large to download, if anyone knows how to get past this, please let me know, Thanks!


Please give any suggestions, and feel free to ask Questions!

New Update: 1/26/24
Not much, heres a new drive link with a 5th pic var, but other than that the game has not changed.
The code looks great and it looks like you've got a good grasp of ti basic. I like the premiss of the game. Keep us updated!
Unfortunately, development as it is on SourceCoder3 may not work the way you want, there is a 65k size limit per project on sourcecoder.
However, what you can do, is upload your Pic vars to jsTiFied and they will (hopefully) stay persistently across sessions, then you don't have to have the Pic vars in the project.
Something doesn't add up, though. Pic vars are 768 bytes large each on a calculator. There's no way four 96x64 images take more than 65 KB of space unless they were uploaded as 24 bits bitmap files.
Thats what i'm saying! I dont know why it wont let me download them, I dont know if is me or the pics, but ill keep testing.
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