My goal is to make the sans boss fight at half the resolution of the original game at 30 FPS. It's all written in EZ80 asm.

So far I have the box collisions and the red soul done. The other sprites on the screen are just static for now.

GitHub Repo
This is a fun idea, and importantly I think it's very achievable! People often start very ambitious projects (at least one person has said that want to make a complete Undertale clone) and fail to deliver anything, but this seems like it can capture the feel of its inspiration while not being too hard to implement.

Pity it's not feasible to add audio though, since Undertale's music is a big value-add.
If I keep working on this, I probably could get it finished in 1-3 months is my guess. I only picked this because I felt I could do it.

Pity it's not feasible to add audio though, since Undertale's music is a big value-add.

Unless I want to learn how to use the experimental USB drivers and even then it probably would be very slow. Audio sadly is impossible.
I mean, you can always just play megalovania on your pc or something.
I could, but what fun is in that?
ThePinkHacker wrote:
I could, but what fun is in that?
Words to live by. Best of luck with this!

The gaster blasters are gonna take up some space.

Also, I can now rotate sprites. I'm opting for build-time rotations instead of run-time. This will save a lot on performance.
The gaster blasters which have 6 frames and 20 rotations end up being 376,560 bytes. I can fit that into 6 files that are just under 64 kb each.

Current status:

What's left:

  • Dialog boxes
  • UI
  • Health
  • Attacks


  • Multi-font support (the hud and comic have been added so far).
  • Karma (every second, takes away health).
  • Health.
  • Character name (could be any string).


I've been wanting to tackle attacks for a while now. I think it's time. Since the game can now keep track of time, I can start work on adding time based attacks.

This would work by having an attack and step selected. The game will run the step of the attack each frame. So for example, it would spawn some bones, then the next frame move. The game would repeat the move until it reaches the next step which could be to despawn the bones and end the attack.
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