*bump* To Do list has been updated.

Doors CS 6: TO DO
[ ] Routines for the following
[ ] GUISMultilineType
   [ ] FindLineEnd
      [ ] Misalignment
      [ ] Carriage return
   [ ] Textinr_cursor_down
[ ] finish text input routines for the GUI

[ ] FileOpen archived handling:
   [X] filename
   [ ] unarchive file if chosen
[ ] unknown type problem with APs
[ ] RunProg entry point
[ ] Fix enable Cn2 dcsMenu crash
[ ] DCSMenu delay on menu close
[ ] Alpha/2nd still not debounced on close
[ ] complete Cn2 support
[ ] Do something with the Link screen
[ ] AP open & save as routines & GUls
[ ] Defragmenting.... problem
[ ] Alpha sorting
[ ] GUI Insufficient RAM invokes err handler, not internal handler
[ ] the multilingual thing: I'm thinking of just making multilingual versions...

-[ ] hotkey definitions for GUIMouse
-[ ] GUIfy deaktop routines
-[ ] Drag and drop multiple files to a folder
-[ ] Goto location (ex, /Games/MyGAme) [Good idea.  Maybe a 6.x feature.]
-[ ] Search for file [Good idea.  Maybe a 6.x feature.]
-[ ] renable silent link for BASIC and ASM programs

I would like to be able to turn icons on and off.... would be nice. Or mabye an icon editor in a right click menu for the program?
Not in the plans at this point, although someone is welcome to write a program to do this.
Doesn't sound too hard.. maybe an SE could do it?
The Tari wrote:
Doesn't sound too hard.. maybe an SE could do it?
Definitely! Any volunteers? Smile
And a breif help file in the start menu would be appreicated. or a tutorial on first-use...
If you go to "About", it gives you the URL for the help and credits...did you try that?
nope. thanks.
That's a problem that it's so hard to find the help file though... hmmm, I have a slight idea... Very Happy
Just have the help file load in through gCn Smile
i cant find it =/
Or you could just include it in the .zip file (either as a PDF or any other format).
Of course the manual will be included in the final release. It just hasn't been added for the beta versions because the documentation is incomplete.
KermMartian wrote:
The Tari wrote:
Doesn't sound too hard.. maybe an SE could do it?
Definitely! Any volunteers? Smile

/me volunteers
Although I think the wiki needs more info on the GUI system and SEs (and all sorts of program header stuff), but I'll see what I can scare up.
Cool deal. Elfprince and I have been gradually trying to get all that info into the wiki when we have time.
To make a basic program even more DCS optimized, I believe you should incorporate those 'source-hook' things. Like with Omnicalc, or w/e, how real(25,x does something. Instead of having to install DCS to use those comamnds anywhere, only have the commands installed when DCS is running.

Possibly a Shell Expansion (SE), but not everyone may have that SE installed =X. Or is this like a little late? Sad
i have an idea .

A clock

Would be nice to see the clock time beside the battery and mem bars or something
Unless I'm horribly mistaken, there is no way to do that on the 83+(SE) calculators. However, it would be a neat 84+(SE)-only shell expansion (think a sort of plugin for DCS)
and another issue is not everyone sets the clock. I don't bother because it seemed every time I did, the calc got unstable.
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