Bug report. I think. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I doubt this is intentional.

Why so late foamy? =P
Late? I posted it as soon as it happened. It kicked my gmail button off of my toolbar... It seems to be working fine, now, though.
No, I mean like you were late to reply. 6 days! I think... anyways. Gmail rocks! You can listen to MP3 right from the view message window! ^^ Helps when I'm at school. Off topicness! ~_~

EDIT: Image is new =P to the first post on this page
I wish I could get on Gmail at school... They have just about every email site blocked. (For what reason, I remain unsure of.) The only way I know to get on is install firefox and use it instead of IE, but you have to be on a teachers comp to install stuff. My compsci teacher let us install it on the comps before so she could get on ebay, but the school unblocked ebay so she won't let us anymore.
There's a solution... look up Ghostzilla Wink

It disappears and all, but you dont have to install it.. just run the executable and go.
Theres a problem. All schools block .exe files. Virul concerns. How to geta round? A USB Drive =P Bring Mozilla/FireFox on a USB drive, and you can run it from that, no trace of yuor hostory or Book Marks. very convienent. But my school didn't Block Gmail ^^
Only teacher comps can use USB drives at my school...

And yeah, my school blocks all .exe .zip .mp3 ect., too.
Hm, what computer do you use? Mac or Windows at school?

Depending on so, most Mac extensions aren't blocked. liek .hqf, and .sit. (.sit = .zip) You should beable to sneak FF in if you can open .sit's. .hqf, I think thats an exe.
Or just do some... tweaking.

Yes. That's it... and if it's a windoze comp, boot a linux liveCD Razz
XD. Yeah, how would you tweak it?

hey, foamy, try m.gmail.com. its the mobile version. Maybe that'll work. =P
foamy3 wrote:
Bug report. I think. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I doubt this is intentional.

Looks to me as if you got a 404 or 403 error, and Firefox was reading the javascript preloader for.... wait, I don't even use those images anymore; I should remove the preloader.
My way of getting into gmail at school is just using the secure server (https://mail.google.com/)
My friend and I put firefox on our comp sci teacher's comp, today.Very Happy Her comp recognized the installer file on a cd as a virus and it wouldn't run. It did the same thing with my flash drive. I just happened to have my Ubuntu cd with me, though, so we put it in while still in Windows and installed firefox off of it. Razz She said she'll install it on one of the other comps for us to share, but she won't put it on all of them. Even so, if one of the comps has firefox, we can just download the .exe and install it ourselves. Wink
Spread FF! Then you should delete the IE icon, and perhaps make a copy of the FF shortcut with the IE icon and name. Very Happy
My friends and I were thinking of smuggling in comp parts (with linux on the hd), building it in comp sci, then getting online and downloading whatever we need. How does linux act with windows networks? We've been using the school's W:/ drive for storage. Do you think linux could find and save stuff to it?
may or may not. Is the W:\ a network or Novell share?
rivereye wrote:
may or may not. Is the W:\ a network or Novell share?

Oh, good question. I don't know what a Novell share is, but on boot there's a pop-up-ish-thing that says Novell. There's a good chance it's that.
Then use Novel:


(There's another client which I don't remember the name of...)

... and if it's a windoze comp, boot a linux liveCD

I used to bring in a copy of PHLAK with the Sneaky Desktop window manager Very Happy

And I can see this getting out of hand very soon...ph43r
Only the teachers' computers have cd drives, so live cds won't work. Unless you can fit a distro onto a 1.44mb floppy drive Razz
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