KhiCAS, the port of my Giac/Xcas computer algebra system available for the HP Prime, TI Nspire and Casio (FXCG50 and monochrom) is now ready to install on your Numworks calculator. It brings features like CAS (of course), graphing (2d and 3d), interactive geometry (2d and 3d) and spreadsheet to the Numworks calculator as an external app.

To install, open with a web-USB compatible browser:
click on Install on the top menubar and follow the instructions. Two versions are available: the difference is that the long version has more extensive help/error messages (more languages supported). Once you have installed KhiCAS, you will have to install KhiCAS launcher like explained on the webpage.

Note that due to security reasons, Numworks OS erases external apps after each reset or crash, so you will have to re-install the KhiCAS launcher (but not KhiCAS itself). Numworks has promised some improvements on this, let's hope they will implement better external app support soon. In the meantime, keep the install page in your bookmarks!

Quick start: like on the TI Nspire and Casio FXCG, running KhiCAS will open a shell where you type commands like integrate(x*sin(x)*exp(x)) press Enter and get the CAS result. Main menu press shift and EXE. Commands menu: press Toolbox. Quick CAS menus: press shift + one of the bottom keys, e.g. shift-1 is the algebra menu. shift-* and shift-+ are shortcuts for tabulation key (on-line help or indentation in the programming editor).

[Edit]Documentation is now available in English
For former users of the Prizm, the UI is very similar, after translating Casio keys to Numworks equivalents (e.g. EXIT on the Casio is the back key on the Numworks, F1 to F3, F6 on the Casio are shift-1 to shift-3 or shift-6 on the Numworks...)
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