Cemetech doesn't offer image hosting by my understanding, so this leaves users to finding their own image host.
I've seen many people use Discord, but I've had issues with images no longer loading at times. Another alternative is imgur. That is their main shtick, but they've still been known to take down images. The worst thing on a forum is images that no longer load.
I would like to know if there are any better methods. Something I've thought about is self-hosting on my website. Storage space is money though.
There was some discussion of this and related issues when imgur announced they would delete images uploaded by anonymous users, but we haven't implemented any real solution.
Images uploaded by non-anonymous users on imgur are fine. I have images from 2017 that are still up there.
I usually use CodeWalrus image uploader but that's only for those who had an account back then and had the uploader's URL (which was actually a shoutbox).
I've been thinking about starting a image hosting service for calc related websites. But I asked around and not that many people seemed intrested. I already have the cemetech image archive hosted at https://pics.snh.cx/
I guess I'll stick with imgur then.
Honestly, I like my links to stay alive so I just dump images on my own website. There are some pretty good deals around (country dependent) if you're thinking about getting some web-space.
Just remember to use an image or file hosting service and configuration where links that you post in your Cemetech topics aren't locked behind a login page or misconfigured permissions.
I'm still highly considering doing a dedicated image hosting service for calculator enthusiast. Tr1p1ea I actually also just dump my images to my site. Very Happy I just need to buy the domain and set up redis and a few other things and there shouldn't be any problem.
I just upload any images I am going to post to cemetech on my GoodReads profile or on imagebb. GoodReads Works Fine for Png & Jpg/Jpeg, but webp & gifs are not supported, for those I use imagebb.
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