I recently sent starcom a SAX pm, and nether him or me can open a read/edit it.

I needed to edit it cause I left something out, but I click on it and it wont open. Something happened and it shows up in my outbox but its like it doesn't exist. I pressed it persistently seeing maybe if I pester it enough it will open, but after a while of clicking it and nothing happening it came up with a 404. This is kinda annoying seeing as it was a tad bit important and I don't have the info anymore, only a brief remembrance of what all the content was. Is there a possible way to recover it? Its obviously in the DB, cause its showing up, but I just cant view it.
What would you like me to do? I could PM you the contents if I can extract it from the DB.
eh, I guess its not that important. Thanks anyway, just wanted to report the error.
I noticed this deal with one of the PMs elfprince13 sent me. Since it appears still unstable, I've removed it from released 1.0 version.
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