Remember Google News Trends? It's now bigger, better, and far more advanced.

Front Page wrote:
I have after about two and a half weeks of work finished enough of WorldTrends that I see fit to give it the version label of Beta 4. This unique tool collects data on the current state of the world from various sources, including Google News, Digg, Slashdot, and the three major financial indices. It also crawls for headlines and generates keyword data to reveal the most pressing issues and ideas affecting the world at any one time. WorldTrends displays this data in an easy-to-read chart view, with a variety of settings to adjust the data and timeframe currently in display. Another feature is the TrendSig, which will soon be expanded in a more dynamic layout to include all seven of the available news sources (6 unique and 1 composite). For now, check it out, give me feedback and suggestions, and help me get it into diggable shape for the first nonbeta release!

Visit Feature
WorldTrends Beta 4
Awesome work Kerm!

Just tried it out... big improvement over the prior Google News Trends version Smile
Thanks Alex. No suggestions from anyone, then? I expected more than one reply after my three-day absense...
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