YAY! Search box! Razz
Sarcasm? I can't quite tell with you. Razz
Well v5 doesn't have one.
calc84maniac wrote:
Well v5 doesn't have one.
Ah, excellent point there. Actually it does, but alignment problems usually make it hide behind various elements. Wink
Just so you fix the bug where the sax logo covers the time of the last action.

My new (currently power supply-less) computer is the only comp I've seen display the page correctly. Every other comp I've used (this one, my grandma's, and the school computers) have the stupid bug.
@foamy: What resolution are you running, though? It is more a size issue in terms of how large the browser is.
yeah, I don't know how much I like this render you have right now. Remember, I have an 800*600 resolution screen on my laptop, so real estate is precious on my screen.
I like the new design. Smile
Cool, now there will be a DCS6 and a Cemetech v6. Razz
/me thinks they should be released at the same time.
The header was ok, its the buttons that are way to big. If you leave the logo the same size, or a tad bit smaller and make the buttons alot smaller, than it will look a lot better! Smile
I definitely prefer that to v5, which is just too busy (I've been using CemetechLite since you deployed v5)
true. I am still of a fan of the tried and true v4, but that is me.
The Tari wrote:
I definitely prefer that to v5, which is just too busy (I've been using CemetechLite since you deployed v5)
To be honest, I've been doing the same.
I have been using v5 somewhat, but then again I liked Cemetech Lite alot more. I am going to switch back to it sometime soon. When ever I'm not lazy -.-
Also, in IE6, when you click on a link at the top, it does nothing. You have to right-click and click Open Link =/
Here's 6 Alpha 2:

Your login button could be a little clearer. Most people will assume that it means login, but that 'X' might throw people off. Other than that, it looks amazing Smile
Thanks! Here it is drawn up on a page. I'm afraid that IE doesn't do some of the styling correctly yet, but here it is:
Nice Smile
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