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what now?
I am incapable of English today >_<;
Did you survive 10 lightning bolts? If you did you should have seen two.
Fine I can send you (or anyone who wants it) the newest version if I didn't add that to the version I sent you.
Edit: THe newest version it has to after 6 lightning bolts
I didn't get that far (to 9). I'll go check in a minute to see if it's in my version.

This is my "revised" idea:

Regular Play - normal play with extra lightning added every X survivals
Hard Mode - Start off with multiple bolts
Maybe v3.0, but not until I decide how to set up the difficulty for this version. Do you want v2.4? It gets harder faster.
I'll wait 'till your done before I download a new version.
Oh, and if you need help implementing difficulty levels, it's one of my fortes

Seriously, I made a number guessing game that had a "Super-Hard Secret Mode" that had you guessing from 1 to 100 trillion XP
Plus, it was progress-based (you had to do so well to unlock higher difficulties)
I would have to rework the way I set up the difficulty but I'll work on it.
Oh and v2.4 is done, i will send it, to you I just hadn't uploaded it to my comp yet. v2.5 will have 3 high scores does that make you happy. Razz
I said I can wait.

As for the score thing, heck yes. Nothing beats getting on the highscore board more than your friend busting a hump to do so only to find out you are one higher Razz
Too bad, I've already sent it to you, and to do multiple high scores I'll have to edit my high score program. oh well
Double post oops. I have made a way to show three high scores but it loads extremely slow and I have to find a way to save the three scores so they stay in order which will take some time.
I might have it working by tonight but no promises. And I'll work on optimizing the viewing
Yeah triple Razz I have three high scores working Cool it look me a while and brought the prog close to 2000 bytes but it works. I'll wirte an edit when i finish with the graphics so I can sent the next version to anyone who wants it.
And a ? should i make the difficulty increase faster or slower than it does now?
Probably a better way then your doing it now:

:setUpEditor LHIGH
:augment(LHIGH,{New Score->LHIGH
:Archive LHIGH

I typed this off the top of my head and it is therefore untested. Change 3 to any number if you want to change the number of scores stored.[/code]
My problem was I'm useing names with scores not just the score I can send you the prog if you want to check it out.
What are you storing the name to?
I convert the str to a list in my Highscor subprog
OOOOOOOH new screenies

Inverted text thanks to TheTari Very Happy
Way to go, TheStorm!

Say, now that I think about it, the second lightning bolt should start in a more random location to make it a bit more realistic and a bit harder.

Well, that's my thought anyway. No need to consider it or you'll never get your game done >_<;
you don't realize how hard 3 highscores was do you? Sad
No, not really. I apologize ^_^;;

Actually, I never really found it hard when I did it for my old stock market game.

So...I think I'll stop being picky and just beta test >_<
no Surprised input is wanted, it was just hard to do names and scores with multiple scores.
^_^;; Yeah...well if I keep suggesting things, the game will no longer be your idea, but your programming of my ideas..........
well then just tell other people to suggest things then Razz
but it doesn't matter Kerm didn't come up with all the features of DCS they were suggested to him
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