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When he got back he was EXTREMELY shy. He said that he'd like it if everybody pretended as if he wasn't there. And he didn't go yet, he's staying at Charlies. He did say this:
"I'll have a place to stay tomorrow" down at the monestary. That was near the end.

Catch the repeat or something mate! It was great!
I most definitely will.

If he's going to leave again, why did they bother bringing Larry back?
He had some Charm around his neck. If I remember correctly, he had nothing todo with solving the case. He was rather reserved, bringing him back and having him with Charlie all the time was somewhat, 'pointless.'

I'm sure he'll have a great come back though. He did develop a deeper love for space, however.
I think this show has gotten a bit wierd.
It's gotten rather complex, and to the point to where the producers can't save its current state nor restore its prior state. Sadly. I think they are trying to turn down the relationships.

Sending whats his face off, killed most of it, Then toning down the appeance of the dad killed some of it. All that lies his Charlie's and Don's relationships. Rolling Eyes They can keep Charlies, but Don's is pointless.
Then the show may not last more than another season or two, unless the producers are delusional enough not to see the shows value fading. Rolling Eyes
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