@Mexi: Algebra 1 requires no more functionality than a scientific calculator, and barely even that. The most complex thing would be solving a parabola's zeroes with the quadratic equation, a good job for a scientific calculator.

I suppose I'm a bit unfair, since our high school's class goes year-round. We covered u-substitution back in January and have been reviewing for the AP exam since before spring break.

As for the disk/washer methods, Resinator, the thing to remember is that an integral repesents a form of summation. The area of a cross section of the solid is the function that you're integrating. Say you have a solid of revolution, of the line y=x from 0 to 2 revolved around the y-axis. This would be an inverted cone shape. Each cross section has an area of [pi] * x^2. x is your radius because it's half the distance across the cone. So, you integrate [pi]x^2 from 0 to 2 to find the volume. The same applies to the washer method.

Hope I helped!
Kllrnohj wrote:
Super Speler wrote:
Eww... paying for TI software...

You did, when you bought the calculator. You don't seriously think that the crappy hardware in the 83/84 actually comes anywhere near the ~$100 price tag, do you?

Well I think they like to make a profit Smile
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