I'm not complaining or anything, I just said "big floppy donkey a" on the SAX chat and I've yet to be slapped...
!slap DShiznit

also, did you get my PM asking you to scale your signature?
yeah ok. let me post the two new ones I made, then I'll upload them all to photobucket and make resized ones...
done. And I took the time to give myself an avatar, which I think is safe to say is the best on the forum ever end of story.

Wait a seccond, I'm gonna change my avatar from this:

to see if I have indeed found an exploit...

EDIT- yup, definitely an exploit...
That isn't a problem if you don't act like an immature 4 year old.
I may be capable of not acting a 4 year-old, but that doesn't mean others are. There are a lot of idiots worse than me on the internet. Just look at blockland.us. Or 7chan, or notfourchan. If only a few of these people signed up for these forums, imagine how much worse they could be. Granted they'd be stopped fairly quickly, but they'd still annoy you a lot more and a lot longer than me.
Except in two years. There have been exactly zero problems.

And why the hell are you going to 7chan.
Good point. A lack of a swear filter in the sax isn't really a problem I suppose, but I'm a bit uncomfortable with the avatar glitch. Just a bit.
Besides, your name is, uh, "DShiznit."
How is having a ridiculously long signature better than a slightly wide one?

Also, elfprince contacted me about my sig as well. Is it seriously giving anyone a problem or did he just decide to go on a signature-rampage?
(Not that I can do anything about it if he did.)
He's probably being pissy. Just ignore it.
Oh, look, DShiznitwit or whatever his name is just cut his sig down to like half as big as it was a second ago.

I guess that means I should stop calling him that now.
I thought it was little big. and the banners I cut out weren't that great. And stop talkin down to Elfprince, he's a good person unlike me.

jbr: this site is designed to run at 1024*768 since at least half the admins don't have a screen bigger than that.


jbr: your signature is still too wide.

DShiznit: 3 banners (of that size), is a *little* much. you should set up a single banner with a randomized .htaccess redirect that rotates through them.
jbr: please scale down your avatar. Its supposed to be a *small* picture (125x125px or smaller)
Ok, I'm fine with fixing the avatar. I use that on a lot of sites, and any sites that want to display on lower resolutions usually require me to scale it, so I just don't think about doing that if I'm on a forum that didn't require it automatically. I'll get to that now then...
Kllrnohj wrote:
jbr: please scale down your avatar. Its supposed to be a *small* picture (125x125px or smaller)
Technically 80x80, actually; I should really script something up to enforce that even on remote avatars. And DShiznit, I'm going to make your signature a row instead of a column of images, so the images will be side-to-side on large screens, but please consider cutting it down a bit more, limiting it to two or one images, or do the image randomization trick.
KermMartian wrote:
Technically 80x80, actually; I should really script something up to enforce that even on remote avatars.

Says the guy with a 100x100px avatar Wink
Says the guy with the 121 by 129 px avatar.
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