It's been a while since there's been a news article, and Cemetech has been somewhat idle while everyone works hard on their studies and their employment, so no exciting project updates. However, Cemetech and Kerm Martian have recently passed or soon will be passing several significant milestones. The largest number of important is the total number of topic views, closing in on five million. There are now nearly 85,000 posts in close to 3,000 topics since Cemetech moved to an independent forum system in the summer of 2004, an average of 28.75 posts per topic. By default, pages show 20 posts, so the average topic page has 14.375 posts, so depending on how thoroughly readers read each page, Cemetech could theoretically have up to 71,455,753 total post views, or 847 views per post.

In addition, Kerm Martian (yes, me) has reached and surpassed 700,000 downloads on the premiere community site, Unfortunately, I've slipped from #12 of all time to #13 with 709K downloads, behind Marcos Lope with 713K. I remain confident that if and when I ever get the motivation to release some new projects, that sad state of events will be remedied. Finally, I have a graph of posts per day made on Cemetech over the past four years, displayed below. The X axis is one year per major tick and one week per minor tick. There appears to be about two months of data missing from late 2007, which I'm working on resolving.

Here's to 85,000 more posts!

Convert datestamps to regular dates plox Very Happy

Posts like that should help that pathetic 22 average words per post, though Razz

Seriously, you need to join us big boys in the 50+ average words per post club Razz
just so I can brag too, I'm rapidly closing on 300th most download of all time and 60,000 downloads

Ranked number 38 in our list of busiest authors with 66 files.
Ranked number 330 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 58181 downloads.
Ranked number 79 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 312 downloads.

oh for the days when I could hit refresh on Cemetech every 5 minutes and actually expect new posts to reply to Wink
It's starting to pick up again, at any rate. Smile And for posterity, here's the Numbers for today from the front page:

Numbers: 775 users have written 84,430 posts in 2,956 topics totalling 2,745,224 words and garnering 4,971,643 topic views. The 291 programs in the file archives were written by 31 authors and have been downloaded a total of 9,326 times,
hmmm, for the record, UTI has a total of 120,663 posts and 2,330 registered members, meaning that there average posts/user is only half of ours. Very Happy

it seems my post count here has finally surpassed my post count there too, don't know when that happened....
So it turns out that that loss is because of my lack of backup since the July before Jatol disappeared. I had to look at the news article archive to remember that. :/
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