My TI-Nspire is stuck in a while loop displaying a dialouge box, I cannot access the KeyPress menu, I cannot close it, and I cannot do anything else short of restarting the application (which of course means I'll lose save data)

Is there any way to fix this short of closing the program? Thanks!

what's the pastebin data of the code?
hayden2s wrote:
what's the pastebin data of the code?

I can't access it, but it's something similar to this:


while True
RequestStr "Something", string
If you have a connector cable to plug into your computer and calculator, you can use the TI Connect program to download the program that you have an issue with and upload it to the source coder on this website

TI Connect Download -

Source Coder Link -
Well, I figured it out, I just had to put in nothing into the string and it let me escape. Thanks for the advice, though! Very Happy
Well, the advice isn't that great, since neither TI-Connect, nor SC support the Nspire Smile
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