I have the box checked to be notified when replies to a topic I am watching are posted, but I never get the email. I was getting emails earlier this year, but it just stopped. I even checked that my email address was correct in my profile, and it hadn't changed at all. What is wrong, and can it be fixed?

In the future, we have a topic for Website Bug Reports. I believe I know the reason this is happening but I don't expect a fix anytime soon. To help diagnose the problem, I have enabled e-mail notifications for my profile on this topic.
Oh. Sorry. So what do you think is wrong? Has it happened before? Do you want me to quote myself in that topic to get help? It annoys me when I get a PM and don't know or when I have to check what the most recently posted-on topics are.

Edit: Another bug is that Song Lyrics CSE, a file I uploaded recently, has some kind of error where it only shows up in by profile, but not in the archives. Kerm said that he would look at it and not to upload an update in the SAX. It is at http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&path=/84pcse/basic/SongLyricsCSE.zip, by the way, but the file path should go to /84pcse/basic/programs instead.
So, this issue is not what I thought it was. But I'll see what info I can dig up for you.
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