yeah, I noticed many topics are empty, but the database is missing the posts, I should know, I uploaded it.
I actually did have a backup from July 1, but for some strange reason many of the forum_post_text table entries simply aren't in it. Weird.
so, uh, what happended to you mentioning what I did to help this site on the front page?
What do you mean? I mentioned you...
It says the site was hacked. Mad )-( /-\ |< 3 |2 5 piss me off Mad . I hope there is some way to prevent such devastation in the future Sad
They may have put up a firewall or something like that now, not that shouldn't anyways.
Kerm, thanks for mentioning how I gave you complete access to for a temporary host. ;P
Oh, whoops. I'd better add that, even though I didn't use it. Smile
Haha, I was just messing with ya. Razz
yeah, well Kerm needs to take the time to do the finalizing touches to the site. I hope they are done soon Very Happy
Let's see what's left to do:

1. Restore databases (run Encase on the server Razz)
2. Fix login problem
3. Fix skin
1. Dude, the database is back as much as possible. The backup was faulty for some reason.
2. Login problem? What login problem?
3. Yeah, this one is the only one of the three that I was aware of...
1. Not true...did you run Encase? Razz Just Joking
2. Your forum keeps kicking me out after a few minutes of inactivity.
3. Okay.
I never get kicked off, and I can have a long time of inactivity, maybe it is just some people.
Yup, I never get kicked off either. Might it be your ISP or security settings??
Or the cookie settings.
Yeah, I meant those as part of the security settings. Smile
I guess that makes sense. Oh well.
Laughing Whatever. Once again, back on topic.
Yeah, so how goes the uploading of Brix Builder Pics and your Blockland progress
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