Once again climbing to ever-higher milestones, I am proud to announce that Kerm Martian and Cemetech have passed four hundred thousand downloads at the premier community website ticalc.org. After roughly three and a third years as a published author, Kerm is the number one busiest author with 281 statistics-collecting files and dozens of other screensavers and animations, number 18 going on 17 in the top downloaded authors of all time, and consistently within the top ten downloaded authors each week. Recent, more complex projects such as Pong v1.1, Doors CS 5, World Domination I, Civilization Simulator, and Brix Builder have drawn increasing attention from the community. In addition, with the addition of interactive forums and member areas, plus hosted groups such as The BASIC Elite, Cemetech is receiving more and more visitors. We look forward to this trend continuing! You can view Kerm's author page at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/60/6077.html.
Way to go Kerm, keep up the good work.

hehe... go kerm! you rule!
Well, hopefully I can make some headway with my projects and I can do some catching up...
alex10819 wrote:

hehe... go Kerm! you rule!

Hehe...thanks Alex. Smile
...tiny print Razz
Way to go Kerm! You rock!
Keep up the good work.
Congrats Kerm Very Happy
Hehe...thanks all, I indeed intend to do so. Cool
I just checked, I have 1020 downloads on ticlac.org now. YAY!!!
i have 1194, plus about 4-500 on Calcgames.org...
Wow...I'm 49 downloads away from going 18-->17 of all time on ticalc.org Smile
I have 27765 downloads at ticalc, and 10490 at calcgames. I think I am just under 1000 on my site...
Hehe... 404,000 at ticalc.org Very Happy
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