i usually sell mine to gullible rednecks...
I may be able to make some money of this, but I may not either.
trust me... its like pushing a boulder off a hill... its hard at first, but once it gets rolling, theres no stopping it... until it hits the bottom...
Laughing I need to get some testimonials for this site...
Cemetech: A great community, genius programmers, and a lot of good help on anything you need.
Surprised Hey, awesome, thanks! Cool
well, it is a start, now to get other people to give testimonials.
Cemetech: some dudes spamming a forum about calculators cause they got nothing better to do (except play LEGOS on the PC Rolling Eyes )
I like it. Kerm, you owe me a testimonial about Rivereye Studios now.
Fair enough.
Rivereye Studios: A well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with a growing coimmunity population and a rapidly-expanding repetoire of top-notch programs.
trade ya Kerm:

Cemetech is one of the coolest calc forums on the internet. Kerm Martians genius programming has steered the site from tiny to huge, passing milestones constantly.
Alex10819 Productions: The leader of the TI-Programmers' Union, this site is committed to creating high-quality programs that improve the overall community while producing its own well-written projects.
great... once i edit out the typo... lol... do i really benefit the community? or are you just being a huge suck up?
Surprised Of course you do! Plus, it's a testimonial, so I can stretch what you will be into what you are now. Very Happy
better than sex? can we tone that down a little bit? i dunno if thats true Smile

cemetech: like a warm summer morning, you can always count on kerms programming to give you a hemmorhoid (i spelled that wrong.. get over it)
Ooookay, I might leave that one out... Very Happy
yeah, leave both of them out. I need to get your testimonial over to my site Kerm, and print it out for people to read when I sell my programs.
Laughing Cool. I think I'll put the testimonials I'm getting on the About page.
ok, still thinking where I want to put mine, but will find a place
Cool, I think it's good that we help each other this way. Razz
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