and that is why "geeks" are always so succesful, it isn;t all smarts, they just know where to get and give info freely.
Exactly, that's why the TI community exists entirely on free programs developed for free, be they calculator programs, dev environments, or emus.
ok, for some reason, the GIMP crashes whenever I want to add text to a picture. It never did this before. HELP!!!
Are you using Portable GIMP or the standard installation?
Hmm, when you installed, did you install the Font plugin? It's optional, but some systems require it.

Actually, that's probably not it, because you said it was fine for a while. I say just delete it at reinstall.
did that already, even redownloaded it. It worked before my big computer crash, where I had to reformat my HD, now it doesn't. Where would one get the font pack?
Oh hey, you DID install GTK+ again, right? Very Happy
yeah, Gimp won't install without GTK+ installed

Looking trough my comp, I had two copies of GTK+ installoed, I removed them both, reinstaleed the better one, reinstalled Gimp, and things a great now, go figure. TILem was working perfectly though.
Word up. How weird is that...
yeah, go figure
Perhaps the two were interfering with one another? Weird...

So far I've found one offlink of portable GIMP:
Sad Ouch, I should have beat him to it.
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