If you have played Age of Empires, or AOE2, then you already know what this game is about. For those of you who have never played the above mentioned...

You have two versions of gameplay, campaign and multiplayer, which will allow you to play against others, or the option Instant Action will allow you to customize a screen and play against the computer. The goal of the campaign is to go through different levels, either attacking and defeating enemies, or running and avoiding destruction/capture. In instant action, you must destroy all enemy units to be victorious. But in order to build your fleet, you must start from almost nothingness. You get a Building unit, and a starbase. From there, you must construct a dilithium processing plant, which will come with one dilithium retriever. After you gather so much dilithium, you can build ship yards, torpedo/phaser turrets, build ships (kinda important) and quite a bit more. Also, you can view battles in 3d on this mini screen, which adds an interesting feature to this type of game.

For those of you that like Star Trek, then this is the game for you! Smile
Yay. So it's like AOE vN + Star Trek = 1337?
Better than 1337. Smile

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there are only 4 races to play as; Borg, Romulan, Klingon, and Federation.
Sad That would be a negative then?
Oh, no. The game play more than makes up for that. Smile The graphics are uber sweet! But then, I only gave a dollar for the game... Smile

It really is just a game that you have to sit down and play, then you would understand how cool it is.
Surprised $1?!?! How?
<Old Chinese Monk>
Use the mighty power of Ebay, my son...
</Old Chinese Monk>

Laughing Laughing

You can find most of anything there... I bought the entire Dragon Ball/Z/GT series for 29.99 ...

Would you like me to see if I can burn a copy of the game, and send it to you?
Eh, that's ok. I'll stick with TBM for now. Very Happy
ok, your loss. Very Happy
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