As you may know, i recently purchased a domain and hosting from

for an annual fee of $14, i received a domain, 500mb of webspace, 5gb of bandwidth (monthly), and a ton of features... (Auto install of like 20+ functions/scripts, phpBB and PHP-Nuke are among these)

i have yet to find a problem, and if i do, i will make sure you all know, since i know a couple people here were interested in this.
We use SH COM for hosting, (, for $30/month we get 5GB of space, 100GB of bandwidth/month, and cPanel/Reseller Access.
very cheap price, with not-to-bad features....

the auto-installer i'm assuming is called Fantastico, part of the cPanel control panel? i got that too....

i'm not seeing your plan tho, the cheapest i see is 1gb space $28 annual

EDIT: nevermind, i saw it under "Domains"
Cool, I'm thinking of getting the $28.82 plan. That's is, if anyone ever donates... Very Happy Just Joking
how hard is it to get one of those paypal buttons? i was thinking about doing something like that... except im not old enough, and nobody gives a flying f*** in a rats a about my site...
You just need to sign up for PayPal, they don't even ask anything too personal.
dont you have to be 18? cuz im not...
I think so, because you need a credit card. Correct me if I am wrong.

BTW, Rivereye STudios is now on Robotical Worlds, visit us on Please note, that the site is under construction though.
I don't have a credit card, yet I have PayPal... Confused
ok, so I was wrong. Now, back on topic. I hope to have my new site going soon. Things are looking good.
That's good. Have you encountered any problems with Robotical World?
not yet.
That's good. I really am thinking strongly of getting my account soon.
if you go through Paypal, you will have to wait overnight for the site to get started, but then, things will be ready to go.
Why overnight? Shouldn't it process immediately? Confused
I signed up, and it took overnight for my site to get started

Mail 1 Aug 16@4:06 PM wrote:

We have received your hosting ORDER and will be processing it shortly.

The details of this ORDER are below:

First Name:
How did you find us: Other Web Site
Domain Name:
Package Ordered: Domain Plan with Premium Plan
Addons Ordered:
- No account addons ordered
Payment Gateway: PayPal

Total Due Today: 14

This ORDER will rebill at a rate of 14 annual

You should receive an email FROM us within the next 24 hours with more information.

Thank You.

RWH Services Support

This message was generated on: 08/16/2005 03:06:05 pm

Mail2 Aug17@3:56AM wrote:
Your new site, on our servers, is now fully operational and awaits publication of your code!



Temporary Web Path:
(until your domain name resolves, use this link to access your site)



Password: (please note password is CaSe SeNsItIvE)

SMTP/POP3 mail server:
* email will not work until your domain resolved to our servers.


Client Area Login:

Login Area:

CPanel Login:
Using CPanel, you can completely administer your new web hosting account! Login and check it out.

Password: (please note password is CaSe SeNsItIvE)

If this account will use a transferred domain name, please update the DNS at your registrar to use the following servers:

Thank you for your order!

Web Support Team

This message was generated on: 08/17/2005 02:56:29 am

Note, I removed parts that I do not revield (username, password, and login area are the big ones
Laughing I figured that. So you didn't get on ewith a dedicated IP?
by the time I woke up and looked at the email, the domain had resolved, and I can acess via
true... but i have this feeling in my gut i know the cpanel port... but then again, thats what i thought about CG...
oh well, all we can do now is speculate, and make the darn best sites we can.
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