Since the other topic is blank [all 13 pages Evil or Very Mad ] I decided to make another one becuase I have a pic Very Happy of my comp.well somewat my comp [ill explain]

First of all, this is my new camera, a Nikon Coolpix 5600, and it has awesomely fast shutter speed [the fan was on high (this one is really really fast)] and i had apic of my comp on it....

The printer, cpu, mouse, mousepad, and lcd monitor on the top right-hand corner is all mine. The white monitor is my little sister's, and it's her keyboard Sad
Mine is a compaq, but her's is a micro Smile

Ill post more info soon [look at time right now]
my comp specs
1.2 ghz AMD Atholon CPU
512 MB PC133 SDRAM
40 GB HD
802.11 G Wirless Card
USB2.0/Firewire 400 PCI Card
Built in Sound
nVIDIA e-GeFORCE MX 4000 eVGA Graphics Card 120MB DDR
Windows XP Pro SP2

Note, harddrive will be upgraded soon to a 120 GB, or adding an 80 GB, and runnig a dual boot with Linux. Still need to figure out which Distro I want for this.
I'll post comp specs as soon as I get them [too lazy in the morning Very Happy ]
I was wondering if you guys can tell me how to work with a wireless internet connection..... Rolling Eyes
I have a NetGear wireless router and a 802.11g wireless card, and my laptop get's the connection, but how do I browse on the internet with the connection?
Neutral Neutral Neutral
you should just only have to open IE of FF. But, you modem has to be hooked up to the router also.
1.4 ghz AMD Atholon CPU
512 MB
50 GB HD (with recovery partition, total is 60)
802.11 G Wirless Card
USB2.0/Firewire 400 PCI Card
Built in Sound... plus i have a little 38 watt system hooked up Smile
Intel for Mobile graphics card and drivers... dunno the exact specs...
Windows XP home SP2 <-- pity me!
i have router connected to modem and comp and fully operational
i have the wireless adapter for my laptop lugged in, and my card receives the connection [11 mps, excellent] but when i open IE, it wont go anywhere
[i cant browse the internet, even with a solid connection]
i once had a problem like this with my linksys G wireless network, It turned out that when i set up the network I had to change the channel of the router so that all my computers could pick it up (was 6 had to be changed to 11), it was really odd too because when it was on 6 it said the signal was perfect, but it would never be able to connect to it.

My Computer specs (simple version):
2.0Ghz Celoron (trying to get that changed out this summer, but a job would help)
180 GB of hard drive space (100 & 80)
DVD-ROM CD-RW (optical 1)
CD-ROM (optical 2)
Floppy drive (optical 3(if considered optical))
17" CTR
64 MB Video card
Wireless G

My familys new 'file server' being build some time this fall:
the $200 HP computer (basicly the cheapest pc that comes with windows we could find)(includes free LCD Smile)
then 1.2 TB of hard disk space, basicly used to store all of our dvd collection and cd collections, as well as just a place to store stuff that we want to use on all the computers. I found it fun, and in all is still under $700
i think mine is on 11
it says i have an excellent connection, but i cant browse the internet like i do with aol or dsl Sad
AMD Athlon64 3000+
Chaintech GeForce FX5500 256mb
Corsair ValueSelect 1GB PC3200 RAM
NEC DVD Burner ND-3540A Black
Seagate 160GB 7200 rpm HDD
Raidmax ATX-822WBP

XP Home / SuSE 9.3
Wow, Regian, you have a dual LCD?? Lucky... Sad
CRT>>>>>LCD (for gaming and flexibility)

[very] complete specs:
AthlonXP 2500+ @ 3200+ (1.7vcore)
MSI K7N2-Delta L mobo (nforce 2 chipset)
1gb ram @ 1:1 2-2-2-7 (in dual channel mode)
ATi Radeon 9700PRO @ stock speeds
Audigy Gamer+ sound card
Altec Lansing 5.1 surround sound speakers
Antec SuperLanboy Aluminum case w/ 2x120mm fans
Dual-17in CRT's (one free, one $40)
WD 7200RPM 8mb cache (all are the "Special Edition" models)
-320gb hdd space (total over 3 drives, 1 is external - ~50gb free) (1x160gb drive free)
32x CD-RW
Vantec Nexus FanBus
Microsoft Media Pro keybaord (free)
Logitech MX518 mouse (400 / 800 / 1600DPi - on-the-fly adjustment w/o drivers needed) (free)
RatPadz GS TeflonCoated mousepad (free)
Logitech WingMan rumblepad (free)
Epson ActionLaser 1500 printer (free)
Debian linux (w/ windows dual-boot)

Avg Temps (LOAD): 35C case, 50C cpu (low-noise)

KermMartian wrote:
Wow, Regian, you have a dual LCD?? Lucky... Sad

I have the apability of dual LCDs, but I do not have the funds at this time. Sad
Hey, what kind of a digital camera do you have? How well does it take pictures indoors with incandesant lights?

Also, my comp puts all of your to shame Razz (no offense anyone)
just noticed that all of you guys use AMD's. I've talked it out with my dad and I'm buying a new prosesor right as school is starting up, My mother board is basicly useless because well, it just can't handle the new FBS's and also its basicly the cheapest thing i could find 3 years ago (so it's got to suck right). What do you guys think, Dad's all about intel, but then again hes been around computers from the very start and he doesn't like changes that that much. I don't overclock, i just basicly need a fast comp that can edit my videos and record music on, without it crashing or freezing in the middle of a song.
specs in sig
Wow, nice pix, Kllrnohj Smile I like that comp Very Happy
@ Mike: I think each proc type has its pros and cons, you have to decide what you want to use it for and go from there.
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Hey, what kind of a digital camera do you have? How well does it take pictures indoors with incandesant lights?

who is that aimed at? please specify who you are talking to, cause its annoying otherwise

AMD's are better for gaming in general. The Athlon64's are an amazing line of chips. Intel's, however, are more geared for office work and content creation. I recommend waiting a little while and picking up an AMD AthlonX2 dual core chip. (or if your on a budget, then the intel Pentium D dual core one - intel's only got one dual core chip right now, but its not as fast, but is alot cheaper)

Oh, and this is a pic of my secondary computer Cool
Laughing You're kidding, right?
I'll post pics of my 'rig' when I get a nice camera.. Maybe I'll take a few with my EyeToy, but the quality isn't too great...
@Kerm, he has to be kidding, the photos of his Computer are from one site, and the one of the "second computer" are on a completly diffrent site.
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