how? i built that last night at about 9, i didnt do box till about 12 today and finished by 1, the longest part was installin windows

also: ne1 kno wut to do to oc my cpu on the K7N2 Delta-L? like wut is a safe vcore to use and stuff? the highest ive been able to set my fsb is 166 b4 it locks up. i have an athlon xp 2800+ btw
@rivereye: you have no idea how many of those are floating around (xbox box pc's that is). Laughing
or how easy it is to do
Ok, Well, I never seen one before, so I made a misjudgment, oh well.
my cpu now runs at 2500mhz as opposed to 2087mhz Razz but also at 51 degrees Sad so ill have to turn that dwn untill i get better cooling (peltier)
51 degrees = 151.6 degrees if my math is correct, wow, that is hot. Assuming CPU temps are in Celcius
its actually 123.8, i usually run at about 43 degrees, and 52 at full load
Ok, so my math was worong, wonder what I did worog, oh I know, I used the Windows calc, and not my 84+SE, no wonder. Even then, still hot
And your computer doesn't shut itself off pat? Confused Yeah, you're going to need something much more powerful than a fan...a turbine Laughing
Engine coolant
Laughing Yeah, put that in with a water cooling kit; better yet, liquid nitrogen (remember the guys who overclocked to 5 GHz with it? Very Happy)
WOW Surprised 5ghz, wish I could run that.
ima buy a peltier, i had to put it back to 2087mhz Sad
Ult Dev, I definately remember seeing traffic between the card and the router, and I get perfect signal, but how do i use it to go on the internet?

ALso, I mention the stuff about AA becuase he said that he had a router and couldn't set up his server with maybe a little misunderstanding here and there Neutral
Following the crash last Friday, my parents finally admitted that a new computer was needed. I've decided that I'm going to build it from the ground up. Here are links to the parts I've been looking at:

Video Card
Floppy Drive
Big HD
Small HD
Combo RW Drive
make sure you entered your WEP key if you're using one (alot of routers have one on by default - check your manual) or any other encryption. Windows will report a good signal even if it isn't actually "connected" to the router (eg. you have the wrong WEP key or something). Also, make sure you have your card set to DHCP mode, and that it auto-gets the IP from the router
Ult Dev, I definately remember seeing traffic between the card and the router, and I get perfect signal, but how do i use it to go on the internet?

Go to the Internet Connection Wizard on your computer by looking it up in the help files; that should set up your web browsers to use your WiFi card; as for WEP, don't bother with it; it's not that secure, and it's basically pointless.
you might be able to keep out people who don't know how to crack, so it blocks some, but it isn't secure, if possible, get WPA
$ apt-get install aircrack

haha, a WEP h@cker is built into the debian apt warehouse
sweet. I need to find Linux drivers for my wirelesss crad.
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