I need help for votes.. It may seem a bit biased if you just view mine and vote, so you can look and see what the competition is: http://www.84silver.com/contest_browse.php

Mine is currently in 2nd place (Searing Fire), and I'm not liking my position because I feel my design is better, although my opinion doesn't speak for everyone of course. My design could be much better if I didn't have to use TI's ugly flash tool to create it, but.. eh. If I win the most votes in my state, I get a free TI-84+SE. If I win in the entire thing and get the Grand Prize, I get $1000 for myself, then a TI Navigatorand 30 ti-84+SE's for the school of my choice. I'm the only guy in the top 5 entries right now...

Third place looks great and all, but if you knew about this stuff, you'd know that the background with all the planets and such is a pre-made background that anyone can use. All that guy did was put 11 random stamps on it. That's all. The point of this competition is to make a new and original design, not use an old one and add random uselessly crap on it. Well anyways, I was just hoping I could get support from you guys and gets some votes in. If you don't want to vote for me that's fine. I'm just asking for help here.
voted Wink
Hmm...I think I may actually enter into that contest...Wink

And yeah, try to win for state at least to get a calc Smile (although if you're in texas you'd have a hell of a time trying to beat me Rolling Eyes)
so we just design one? i could do that... i have a good idea...
I tried to make one, but the @!#$%$^ing flash tool only would let me stamp once. Mad
let me stamp a bunch of times, but its worthless since you can't even rotate/flip the stamps!
eep... almost done... and its an eye burner if i set the bg color to bright green...
Laughing Do neon green on bright red!! Very Happy
nah... i did orange on yellow... (with like 2% transparency, so its nearly invisible)
Eh, that's pretty cool. Ah well. Smile
I don't think I'm going to create an entry. Very Happy
I've all but lost all hope on winning the grand prize because from the looks of it, a few certain people are more than obviously cheating and rocketing ahead of *everyone*, but TI doesn't seem to really care. So in my last attempt of this contest, I've started a petition that you can sign: http://www.petitiononline.com/graphiti/petition.html

I have not cheated, I have no desire to, and I have a pure heart of winning this, but if I lose against a bunch of cheaters, I will be emotionally destroyed. They do say the good guys always win though, so.. I'll just hope for a bit longer. No telling what the next 2 1/2 months will hold for me.
you can vote each day, so just have a bunch of ppl go back each day to re-vote

but the mother of perls one is pretty cool looking, so i wouldn't mind if that one wins
Yeah, that is kinda cool. Ah well, what can you do, whoever wins wins. Smile
My design has only one vote so far...so that puts me somewhere around 200th place Laughing
Laughing 201st if I decide to submit a design.
not even that lucky... im like 4 votes from winning state...
Cool! Go for it. Smile
well, now i have no idea whats going on... its seems to be a new voting period or something, each person can only vote once PERIOD... and the number of votes doesnt appear...

so Kerm, you can vote for me please Razz http://www.84silver.com/contest_vote.php?id=1645
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