Yes, that's right; we did it!!! Download links will be distributed on August 1, 2005.
If they do what they say, iit still may be a scam
What exactly is this X-Cad stuff Question
X-Cad is a CAD type program. Computer Assisted Design. They were offering it to people if 100,000 people signed up by Aug 1. They are still taking regrestarions. (I put mine in) Does anyone still have the link?
I'm still unconvinced that they're legit - the company looks a bit shady to me:
Well, if they are legit, good. To those who have signed up, if they are a scam, they hide it fairly well, I got an email saying since I was one of the first 100,000, I get something or other secial when it is released, but then again, they say they are still testing it.
Yeah, I gave them my spam account anyway, so if it is a scam, I don't lose, if it's legitimate, I get the free CAD software. Yay. Smile
I hope they don't scam us, otherwise, I will be ticked. Well, we shall know in one week.
Yup, we shall. I'm a hair less suspicious now that I see the rest of the site, that would be a lot of trouble to go to just to harvest 103K email addresses, but to reiterate, we shall see.
Tommorow, X_CAD. YAY!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Razz Cool
Methinks 'twas a scam Sad wrote:
Page Not Found
The page you were trying to reach was not found. You may have selected an outdated link or typed the page address (URL) incorrectly. You might find what you are looking for in the site map or in one of the other sections of the web site.

You may report this problem to Please be sure to include the page address you were trying to reach.
I haven't gotten an email about where to pick it up either. We shall see.
Me neither. It's looking like it might have been a scam after all Sad
Still no e-mail...that's okay though; there's a bunch of free CAD software out there...and then there's AutoCAD...

EDIT: Take a look at this:

Apparently there was no need to be one of the first 100,000 to sign up <_<...
I discovered Bender3d, which seems pretty cool...
I got my email, still sorking on the the Download.
Wow, so did I! I'm working on the registration.
It takes forever. I am going to wait on the install though, I really don't want to have to restart my computer right now.
dunno if im gonna bother... maybe we shall see...
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