I'll be expanding this section soon:

mine, which probably wont be updated overly often, and is no where near as cool, is at

both are very good. Mine is nothing compared to that.
Thanks. I'm planning on making a whole Blockland section of the site.
wil people be able to upload their own BL pics or not?
maybe if we email them to him or something... who knows...
Um, sure, just post a link here for now. Later I'll add an upload tool and categories.
I'm fine without needing a place to upload, I was just wondering.
No, that's a good idea, it would be cool to have pix from all different people.
I'm chocked full of them, just don't know when to use them
make sure you screen them though...
true, and maybe have people help you screen, just to keep things appropriate.
yeah, i dont think Kerm wants his album full of lego Censored by alex's...
Laughing Hey Alex, how about the member(1000); command? Very Happy
yeah, i dont think Kerm wants his album full of lego Censored by alex's...

X-rated material in Blockland...Laughing
Laughing Now there's a scary thought...
I'm working on an Ice Temple now with Speckz, I'll post screenies when it's done.

yeah... from my research, thats enough to crash most servers... i crashed BL on my own comp like that Razz
Laughing I've had a fair amount of success with 200 high towers, 300 long bridges, and then ....wait for it... 3000 tall stairs Smile
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