This one is from some time ago, this one is from a few seconds ago:

I didn't know what to expect from this topic. I was hoping for something TI related, like speed for sound :/
Scout, how the heck are those speeds possible? I am extremely jealous. Very Happy
technomonkey76 wrote:

It started around about 23Mbit/s, but then it dropped relatively quickly. Sad I need to try on a Wireless N device now... (this was on my mom's computer which is wired to the internet via ethernet.) You guys scare me about my upload speed though; it uploads over a telephone line iirc. =/

EDIT: New York server FTW

Still scared about upload speed, however...

And now speeds from my 802.11g laptop:

As well as up-to-date speeds from my mother's wired desktop:

NOTE: These were all taken within 5 minutes of one another. Odd how on my laptop NY is faster and on my mom's desktop Cinci is faster, isn't it?
Have you seen the upload speeds, though? I do very much not like a 50KBps upload cap. Sad I makes doing remote backups to my office from my apartment a big problem.

Woo! Razz
calcdude84se wrote:

Woo! Razz
16KBps upload? How depressing! Sad

Would be better if i wasn't really far away from my router using this POS belkin that fails all the time. Ill have to post one from my desktop once i get back to it.
AT&T U-Verse at my apt:
rohi89 wrote:
That can't possibly be your home internet, is it?
This is my schools network o.O
0rac343 wrote:
This is my schools network o.O
That's awesome. Smile I think I've managed to hit highs around there on my alma mater's network.
KermMartian wrote:
rohi89 wrote:
That can't possibly be your home internet, is it?

It could be. Cable can hit 50 down but the upload is on the high side. Looks like it might be fiber - FiOS is 50/25.

Raylin wrote:

Who? Orac343? 57mbit down is peanuts. Not even faster than my upstream Wink

Yeah, because that's from Google to Google. Razz I would hope they have a gigabit LAN. Razz Why is your ping so high?

idk, was this good or not in your opinion?
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