Adding to the series of recent TI-Planet calculator discoveries (TI-83 Premium CE in April 2014, TI-84 Plus CE in November 2014 IIRC, TI-84 Plus CE-T in January 2015), today saw the discovery of a fourth brand-new model, presumably for 2015 as well: the TI-82 Advanced Smile

We noticed it was publicly mentioned on the website of an official TI Education reseller, albeit without any detail (picture, hardware characteristics, even price tag). Then we looked around, and found that it's even visible on TI Education France's website, in a picture.

We think that it's a 84+, because of the calculator case and the fact that the 84+ already has exam testing code (while the 83+ and its derivatives don't), but we don't know for sure. We also have no idea whether this model will be available only in France.
Kerm suggested that I cross-post on Cemetech, so here's my post Smile

More detail (rationale on why we think it's a 84+, etc.) in the original TI-Planet news item (in English)
Wow. TI is really busy nowadays, coming up with all these new calculators. What next, I wonder?
caleb1997 wrote:
coming up with all these new calculators

Four new calcs in a few months, indeed...
Thanks for letting us know about this, Lionel. As far as I can tell, TI France is committed to making model names that are as overlapping and confusing as possible (not that TI USA is coming up with clearly unique calculator names either Wink ). Is there that much public knowledge of the "TI-82" name that calling it what it is, a TI-84 Plus, would hugely confuse people?
Although it is nice to see TI so active of late, I second Kerm's notion that the naming conventions being used in some places are confusing - As if deliberately so?

Either way, more TI calcs are always welcome Smile.
Next up from TI, the TI-81 Stats Colour Edition (TI-81 SCE) Wink

But yes, great to TI very active. I'm super keen to get my hands on a TI-84+CE.
Who here thinks that TI's calculator division and Nintendo's Pokemon naming committees have been hanging out together? Smile.
I'm updating this as new info got released.

So, it will be a model for France, and it's based on the 84+ technology.


Bigger photos and more on TI-Planet : (French + English)
Amusingly, I think someone used Google Translate, because you call the TI-82 Plus the "TI-82 More". For those who don't feel like clicking and scrolling to find that second image, it says something like this in French:
- Evolution of the TI-82 Plus
- Integrated test mode
- All of the features you need for for school (graphical representations, statistics and probability, programming, ...)
- Intuitive display of mathematical formulae
- New (better?) keyboard
- USB cable
- Powered by AAA batteries
- 3-Year warranty
So the 83 was essentially an 83+ and now the 82 Advanced is an 84+. But that's ok because 82 Plus is now also essentially an 83+ and the new 83 (USB) is actually an 84+SE. Seems pretty clear to me.
Don't forget the TI-84, which is just as much of a TI-84 Plus as the TI-82 Advanced! Also, this insanity leads to hilarious discussions like the following:
IRC wrote:
[12:12:55] <notipa> but clearly TI-82 Advanced > TI-82 Plus > TI-82 Plus > TI-82 > TI-82 Stats > TI-82
So what is the real difference between this and the TI-84 I happen to have the latter and can't see why they need yet another copy/pasted model in the older, larger case (which they seem to phase out now in the newer color calcs!)
This one has the exam mode DEL, while the others didn't.

It is unknown if it will be a TI-84+ or a TI-84+SE, but the former seems more likely, because there is already the TI-83+Fr USB (unless TI is already discontinuing it?)

EDIT: Some french slipped by in my post x.x
someone used Google Translate, because you call the TI-82 Plus the "TI-82 More"

Lol woops, my bad, I guess I forgot to fix that part (I got lazy and ended up using GTranslate for one or two things, bad luck I guess).

DJ_O wrote:
there is already the TI-83+Fr USB (unless TI is already discontinuing it?)

It indeed looks like it's going to be discontinued. Like the 84+CSE with the 84+CE, in some comparison/images etc., the USB got replaced by the 83PCE.
So now the real question is: How many renaming will the TI-83 Plus will get in the next decade in France? Shock
Don't worry, they haven't used superlatives in their names yet !
TI-83 Extra, TI-83 Fantastic... there are so many words that their creativity shouldn't suffer Very Happy
Snippits of their names from IRC:
#cemetech wrote:
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:11 PM] <KermM> TI-82 Premium Advanced CE!
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:24 PM] <KermM> TI-France needs to stop with the TI-82 names
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:25 PM] <EinHelfer> +Pocket
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:33 PM] <debrouxl> Nah, that one's not color Smile
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:39 PM] <KermM> Just as TI US needs to stop with the TI-84 Plus names
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:39:48 PM] <KermM> debrouxl: Could be "calculator edition" or so
[Saturday, January 31, 2015] [02:41:05 PM] <EinHelfer> TI-82 Plus Premium Silver Edition CE VSC ES XXXXXXX!
Lionel Debroux wrote:
TI-83 Extra, TI-83 Fantastic... there are so many words that their creativity shouldn't suffer Very Happy
Or the "TI-Francetastic" Good Idea
Quick update

TI-Planet has published a review of the TI-82 Advanced, here (link to google translate).

Basically, what you have to know is:
- TI-84 Plus hardware (TA1 ASIC)
- Only USB, no more Jack I/O
- New software (version "5.0" like on the CE devices)
- No more Asm()
- No more loadable/deletable APPS
- PTT LED at the top

This is basically a locked-down version of the 84+, though made usable for the French exams from 2018 on (which will require PTT mode + LED). Clearly, if people want more features, they'll have to go with the 83 Premium CE.

The only upside for people caring a bit about calculators is that being the low-tier of the TI-France's 2015 calcs, it's going to be the cheapest model, probably around 60 euro. (≈ 65 USD at the time of this post)

I wrote something quickly about this:
In France, people will have to buy new calculator now, because of the exams requiring the PTT mode with the LED. So, they want to spend as little as possible: The low-tier 82A will be perfect for 99% of students, because well, an overwhelming majority of student don't give a single d*mn about programmability (they don't know about it, and they simply don't care at all - this was already the case when I was in high school 7+ years ago, and it's only worse now, since smartphones are everyone's way to spend time). But for the few that will look at the store's other calcs for more than 30 seconds, and with something else than just the cost in mind, the 83PCE will clearly appear as way superior, and for less than 30euro more (assuming the 82A is at 60euro and the 83PCE a bit less than 90euro). So, the 83PCE is the middle tier. And the high-tier is the Nspire CX (CAS), which will probably still be priced at ≈ 120/130euro.
Interestingly enough, because of this new exam regulation in France, the 3 major calculator makers are in a harsh competition that can only be won by the one selling the regulation-allowed one at the lowest cost. TI will win if the 82A is priced at 60euro and the Casio ones a bit higher. HP having only the HP Prime, and costing much more, has no way of taking over the market. It'd be funny to have the Prime be sold at 59.99, though.
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