After a good deal of bug-fixing, optimizing, and recoding, I am release Beta 4 of Brix Builder, the first true 3D perspective hidden-line rendering engine ever written in TI-BASIC. Betas 2 and 3 were private, unreleased betas, but Beta 4 is a semiprivate beta available to all Cemetech members. Please take a few minutes to download it and try it; while there is not yet a readme, the controls are fairly intuitive. Post questions, comments, and bug reports on this topic. One of the things I am considering for the final release is adding an optional shading engine, which would be yet another TI-BASIC first.

Download Brix Builder Beta 4 here.
Indeed. Hmm, shoulda taken some screenies...
Yup. Let me knwo when you get em posted, and could you redirect the 'discuss' link to this post?
Good idea. I'll do that later.
I have been wondering, if you gave me permission on the news thing, would that give me the ability to edit news posts, so I can change the link, or fix a possible miss-spelling?
You would indeed. Would you like that then?
Yeah, sure. That way I can fix the link and you wouldn't have to. Smile
OK, send me a reminder PM with your requested password, I'll set it up tomorrow late morning.
I will have to play this when Iget my computer back.
Please do, I need some feedback. Also, do you think I should add shader capabilities to the engine? Will make renders look ubercool, but might slow it down a bit.
I wouldn't add that feature because honestly without the readme I just discovered what you actually do in the thing only after upping the speed on Tilem. With regular speed I think its slow enough but that's just my opinion. Otherwise job well done Smile
Excellent work! >(^') I tried it and although a little slow, graphics and functionality were awesome! I can't wait to see this released to the general public! For the shading, do you mean all-black shading or *gasp* grayscale with ASM libs?

Blub gives this program:
>(^') >(^') >(^') >(^') >(^
4 3/5 out of 5 fish.
Laughing I meant dithering. How about if I make it a feature that can be toggled on/off? Or perhaps I could release v1.1 with it...
Toggling sounds good. Hopefully it wont slow it down too much.
Yup, it's coming along smoothly. More news soon.
Yay!! What you might do is release the beta version on ticalc and then based on the download stats create and release an updated version with the toggle shade. Might save you some work.
Eh, I've already found a way to toggle finding the normal vector to each polygon, now I jus need to take the average and then implement the shader routine I've already written. Hopefully I'll have a beta of that out this week; plus a readme, and it'll be all set for next week's release.
Cool. Release to ticalc or to Cemetech members?
Final release to everyone next week. Prelim release this week to Cemetech members.
Ok. *begins to constantly refresh browser to look for BB4*
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