I was wondering if you'd want an irc channel for Cemetech.

If you do, I could give you the code that I used for my website (it fixes some of the problems from the original html code from CentralChat's client parameters, such as guest names being t (fixed) and size problems) and modify it for Cemetech (room name, etc.).
or, we could talk to Arrdy on #tcpa or one of the bot masters on #calcgames, and the chat would be on EFNet
mmm, yeah, we could put the CG botnet in there most likely.
Once I get my www.cemetech.net hosting, how hard would it be to setup irc.cemetech.net?
Erm, pretty much impossible, no host I can think of allow IRC server hosting, unless you're willing to get a managed/dedicated server, which runs around 300-400/month.
Oh, OK, so where could I setup IRC then?
http://www.mirc.com/ for windows, BitchX/irssi for *nix.
All the calculator related channels are on EFnet.
Interesting...how do you create a channel?
You just join it. Wink /join #<channel name>
Even if it doesn't exist? Cool!
personally, i think you should register a channel at gamesurge.net (i could do it if you want)

the reason is that gamesurge has a bot in there that controls who's an OP and so on, allowing for personallization of the chat room.
Don't do it yet, I'll find out more first.
ok. its all free (of course)

www.gamesurge.net - very popular with clans and other gaming sites
Rolling Eyes Yeah, I kinda figured the URL. Very Happy
The same can be done with eggdrop bots on EFnet. UTI has their own server, and not alot of traffic comes their way because they aren't on the network that the calculator channels are on.
yeah, if I build my own server, I will gladly host a bot for you Kerm.
Thanks much, I would appreciate that.
or you could just have gamesurge.net host the bot for you on their own server Rolling Eyes
gamesurge.net != EFnet
why use EFnet?
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