This is in no way to make you mad Kerm, sort of a reminder, but since it is a project, I thought it might warrant a topic... Very Happy
Din't worry, I haven't forgotten. Smile
How well did the testing go? (Not being pushy, just curious...)

I have a couple sprites that I could send the hex values for...
I found a couple of bugs, nothing crashable, but some that made it display incorrectly. I'll try to finish it up today if I can.
lol, sounds like my f ailed attempt in BASIC, as it for some reason put random lines all over the screen... Laughing
Very Happy Wow, how did you manage that?! I'd love to see that coding in SourceCoder...
I deleted it after rewriting it 3 times and then asked you to make it. Very Happy Laughing

I got a bit frustrated with it...
I know how you yeesterday, when about 5 hours of work on a symbol program and a sidescrolling BASIC shooter with symbols based on it got deleted in a crash from Doors CS beta testing... Sad
That is why beta testing on one calc, projects on another. Sad

Was the symbols thing what you were telling me about, that would have all the available symbols that your btutor shows?
Is that bug still whooping you? Confused
Yeah, Sad Crying
I wish I knew how to help...

Maybe post the problem at maxcoderz? They seem to be getting fairly nice now... Smile
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