...Hmm, have you taken a look at some of your avatars lately TI-Freak8x? You have no room to talk.
Anime Vs. Person... hmm... which one is worse?

i dunno... its just them being stupid... im starting to wonder why they bother...
Not to sound like I am mad or anything; My avatar is barely suggestive, while theirs is a real life woman with her breasts showing, and their name hardly covers it up. My avatar is fully clothed...
Hay's sinks to new lows...what a surprise... Mad
Any luck with emailing geocities?

EDIT: Check out the article on my website, I'm not sure how good it is though. (click "read more", its about a paragraph or so)

Also, I made a message appear when you use the link my signature, its right below the newsflash.
no response yet... but i kinda expected as much...
Anyone read my article?
yeah, that stuff shouldn't be on geocities, get your own server.

Btw, who wants to bet that the picture they are using is copyrighted by somebody else

Edit: I read the article
Me too. Laughing We shall see...
yes we shall
BTW - Well over 100 signatures? It was more like well over 300 signatures... Smile
true, but they are annoying, first sign of piriating on my stuff, and they are dead.
Same here. Oh wait, they stole Doors CS, I've already flamed them. Good for me *pats self on back*. Cool
true, the closest I have seen to piriating my programs is Ultimate Pong, but that I will let slide for all active Cemetech members
uhh... that was a competition i thought...

i dunno... we will see...
not originally, Ti-Freak8x thought of the idea and posted it here. I claimed it as my project, but before I could start, Jon started on it, and said it couldn't be done, so he offered me a BASIC elite possiton if I could make it work. He then chose to make it a compition for anyone to try and complete. I was the second one to complete the task, right after Kerm
KermMartian wrote:
BTW - Well over 100 signatures? It was more like well over 300 signatures... Smile

I'll fix that.

Still no response from Geocities?
Hays pirate wise copied the NBA Jam code and made their NBA hangtime out of it. So, I basicially Pirated myself (As GOD), redesigned the Punsyst engine for 86 PxlText calls and made NPO vs Hays, but by now, just about everyone knows that story.

They also copied my web site at one time, so I copied theirs for a April Fool's site. Frankly If I don't forget, the Next April 1 should be interesting.
This could be intersting to see, lets hope things go well, in our eyes, for the Hays situation
...what situation? You guys are playing right into their hands, active antitrolling just makes them more confident in what they're doing. Just ignore them, or even better, view them in the light of entertainment.
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