I've check numerous times and its never running. Also, where would I get the cemetech city map?
i think its cuz UD is gone... its his server...
Ok. Also I found out TBM is not good for dial up useres and the helicopter doesn't work for them. They can watch people fly them, but trying to fly one causes them immense lag.

Also, does anyone know what the optimum settings in the network tab would be for dial up users?

I am using: (using ---------------- to represent sliders and X for the position)
Packet size (100): Dialup X--------------- Dsl
Lag Threshold (400): -------X--------
Rate to Client (1): X---------------
Rate to server (32): --------------X
Master Server: 2:master.garagegames.com:28002

This works well in normal blockland unless someone begins repeatedly suiciding.
TBM has a more lag, not excessively bad (at least with 3 players on a 500 ping server) unless I try to fly the helicopter.
Raise your Rate to Client to 4. Otherwise looks good.

You won't need to get the Cemetech City map - joining the server should make it download automatically.
His connect would be faster if he had the map.
KermMartian wrote:
Raise your Rate to Client to 4. Otherwise looks good.

Thanks, I hope this helps my connection at least by a bit.
Once you join once though, it'll save the map. And I'd rather not release the map separately for now because I plan on changing it over time.
Is the server ever coming back though? Also, has anyone else had problems with the helicopters in TBM? The camera doesn't snap to the helicopter when i enter it, even in single player so its not lag.
how do you get helicopter, or other vehicles in TBM?
They have to be placed with the map editor by the admin or have to be in the map. "E" is the default button to enter a vehicle.
So here's the plan for Cemetech City. I'm working on modifying the terrain to have road textures built-in; you may know that you can travel nearly infinitely through Blockland but that the landscape tiles and repeats. The first tile shall be Cemetech County itself; adjacent tiles can be used by Alex10819Productions, TIFreakWare, Rivereye Studios, etc. There is an airport, heliport, one city, and about four or five towns in each county. And of course roads and extensive rail systems to be built once I fix that up. Sound good?
yay, I might take a town in the county, not a full fledge county or something, but all would be cool.
Fair enough. I'm designing Cemetech County right now - it's going to be great. Very Happy
When I become better in Blockland, would it possibe to add a tile when I am ready, just kind of wondering.
Fair enough. I started to draw Cemetech City on paper, so it shall be moving along soon. I'd be able to show it to you guys, if only UltDev was around... Sad

Also, I would like to design an airplane for Cemetech City.
YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! And an airplane would be AWESOME!
YES< Blockland
How about segways?

What kind of infrastructure are we talking here? Party town, or something a little more intellectual? I'd love to help design, I think it's one of the few projects around here that doesn't require extensive knowledge of assembly. Laughing
yeah, but there is other type of knowledge that is required. But true, ASM is not needed.
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