We're basically going to build a big city with towns. The city's going to have a big Cemetech HQ building and whatever other buildings you guys want to add. Free rein on the towns too, but try to make them aesthetically nice and fitting into a *real* town or city. The airport and heliport are obvious. Very Happy
yeah, and things should be pretty sweet. I can't wait for it.
Ditto. I started it today, lookin' pretty sweet. Smile
YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! And an airplane would be AWESOME!

Any tips on how to make vehicles for TBM? I'm still learning how to use my 3D program...
from what I have heard, it is a lot of work.
1. Get a good 3d program
2. Build something
3. Realize it crashed TBM, build it again
4. Export.
5. Viola!
yeah, that is a lot of work.
50 hours for the train and it still doesn't work. Sad
that has got to suck.
Indeed. But I go with the hope that one day it shall work. Smile
yeah, it will be fun
is "fun" the proper word for it? i was thinking something along the lines of "interestingly hilarious"...

hmm.... theres an idiot walking around with speakers playing Europe's "The Final Countdown"
Surprised That's like the greatest MIDI ever!!!
I have never heard of it, do you have a link?
uhh... MIDI? more like cheap synthesizers and bad singing blaring over loud speakers with crappy quality... not MIDI... more like .cda...
No, but there's a really good MIDI of that around.
ok, let me rephrase, I have never heard of the specific MIDI.
Oh, OK. I estimate server up today or Sunday!
Cool, I estimate my computer with internet, today or tommorow
Most excellent.
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