looks more like, wait, I am posting from it right now.
Sweet. We ran into some problems, so perhaps tomorrow (Sunday) the server will go online.
aw men, well, I hope it is up soon
Well, I realized something; my video card is too slow to run this server; I can only run like the first two maps (the really low-res one); at least, I think that's what the problem is. I looked up prices for a new videocard; a good one would only be about $30.

If anyone would like to donate funds to help buy the videocard, please send (via paypal) to programmer22222@yahoo.com

Otherwise I'll see if I can run it off of my family's shared computer until I can afford a new video card.

And right now I have the strangest craving for a burrito...
no blockland Crying, why now, why me Crying
Hey Ult Dev, you don't need a new vid card. Check out one of the other Blockland topics, I have the solution.
I hope that we can play Blockland soon
You shall, as soon as Ult Dev reads my post./
yeah, lets hope he does soon.
I'm IMing him now, cross your fingers...
I am, I want Blockland so bad.
Indeed, me too. And I just built the first CCURS station.
sweet. Playing chicken with the train
Surprised OK, it's all set except for Ult Dev forwarding port 29130 on his comp. Smile
The problem never had anything to do with my port fowarding in the first place Rolling Eyes

I'm going to start running it in the background on my WinXP Pro computer for the time being until I can get it working on my linux box...
Most excellent. Could you set me up with an FTP account, or should I just email files back and forth?
Hmm...I'll try setting up an FTP server...
Sweet. If you get it, a PM would be appreciated Smile
I have blockland running, now to do the ftp...should be up by tomorrow Smile
OK, I'll try to check it out
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