so will I
Sorry...been having problems these past few days...I'll try to get it up today.

EDIT: It should be up now.
What did you name it? I can't see anything with Cemetech in the title...
Since it seems that the permanent server is delayed indefinitely, could Kerm be kind enough to provide us with a schedule of when the server will be up?
look if Kerm is on AIM, it seems if he is on there, Blockland server is up, elsewise not,
Indeed. That's pretty much the rule: if I'm on AIM (kermmartian) then the server is up.
Yes, the permanent server is being delayed because for some reason none of my computers like running in dedicated mode; however, if I run in graphical mode, it runs just fine...I'm waiting for the Blockland forums to come back up so I can ask some questions there.
Errr, I believe they're back up now...
alex10819 wrote:
its his server.

Write a book about it!

This BOT is fairly entertaining! Very Happy
Aye, but I banned it anyway. Smile
Agreeable action. Smile

I would hate to see this place get flooded with bots...

And you should come over to my forum sometime, we are talkin about you... Very Happy Well, more or less...
Indeed. Thanks for alerting me.
I miss alot being away for a day, will have to check soon.
just wanted to let yall kno... im savin up money for a server... it will be a celeron d 2.13gHz, thats the cheapest and fastest i could find easily from a TRUSTED place. when i get it i will be runnin a xampp server from either winxp or win server 2003

ill also host blockland around the clock... if u want...
if this is going to be used as a server, get 2003, it is more designed for many users to access it the same time than a pro client (XP).
i already have it... the problem is findin the key... i ahve 1... legal... but idk where it is...
A dedicated Blockland serv would be teh awesome...ty!
well i wouldnt call it dedicated... its main purpose will b a web server..
I hope you can find the 2003 key soon.
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