Hi, the DTB mod will be improving and including a WHOLE bunch of new stuff.


o The Kicker: Pushes objects (player models) and it's other mode to pull objects (player models)

o The A.G.C.: (Anti-Gravitational Cannon) Fires a zero-gravity physical zone, and launches you upwards.

o Rift Cannon: Launches a black hole void that sucks you in, then implodes and kills everyone around it.

o Pistol: Regular pistol with regular fire, and a blazed bullet mode. (Bullets on fire)

o Shotgun: Powerful spread-fire gun.

o Particle Deconstructor: You'll see soon.

o Rail Gun: Powerful, very powerful, recoiled beam cannon.


o KermMartian's Tank

o Speckz' Hoverscooter

o Speckz' Snowboard

o Mr. Nice Guys' Dragon

Game Modes:

o Deathmatch

o CTF -- Capture the Flag

o CTC -- Capture the Crown

o KOTH -- King of the Hill

o Vehicle Dogfights

Special Stuff:

o Some cool effects like bloodspatter by MCP.

o Lightning Weather effects by ShadowZ.

o Autoturrets by Mr. Nice Guy and ShadowZ.

o And a little secrets we're discussing among ourselves.

Other News:

o Plague is off the team, and took down our DTB Website.

o KermMartian has given us some space at Cemetech and is willing to make us a forum and FTP, give a big happy aplause to Kerm!

o I'll be redoing all of Plague's weapons.

That's all for now, Speckz out.
Welcome, DTB! We're very happy to have you join us.
Hiya Everyone!
Hiya Explosion! Welcome to Cemetech!
Hi everybody, I really hope this turns out well
this sounds preety neat, good work!
Thanks for such a nice welcome guys. We look forward to bringing much more popularity to your site, aswell as our mod. Smile
Hate to sound negative speckz, but would you mind making your sig a little less obnoxious?
Sorry, how is it obnoxious? It is our mod logo. :/
Well, it's just so....vertical. Perhaps make a horizontal version with same graphics so it doesn't take up so much space?
Right, I'll make a new one ASAP.
Thanks Speckz, I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to say anything Smile
Fortunately, I'm always willing to step in and be the asshole. Very Happy
Laughing You said it, not me Very Happy
welcome speckz...

when will u host a server....

and im on dtb still right lol?
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
Fortunately, I'm always willing to step in and be the censored. Very Happy

Ah, how prophetic given the current situation. Laughing
ROFL...I don't know if it's exactly a "situation", per se...
You should make the partical deconstructor use some really cool pixel effects.
...not a bad idea, is this a new weap Sechs made?
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