Is the font size the problem? Well, it will be much smaller ingame, but Paint.NET made it much bigger.
Svenne, I'd love to see what you could do for a full theme with that style. In particular, filling out the repertoire with some revamped sliders, checkboxes and drop down menus would be fantastic. I was fairly content with what we had, but I love what you've done.
I mean simply the style itself would mean redoing the entire theme.
Oh, I see. I'll might adapt it a bit once I've finished the first version, but I'll think about that later.
4 month bump.
I'm working on a UI edit for Blockland Retail, maybe it could be something?

We don't really want anything that's been ripped from or developed for Blockland, but if you're interested in making one from scratch I'm still interested in seeing what you make.
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