i would help but my life just became hectec, i of my friends was seriously injured in a car wreck
Oh wow, that sucks. Is he/she going to be ok?
we dont kno how hes gonna be
What's wrong with him, ie what injuries? What kind of accident?
he stopped be cause he had a flat tire and was rear ended while he was in the car on the phone with his dad, he was pulled over on a major highway when it happened. his brain is bleeding, and hes unconcious and has been having seizures
ouch, that has to hurt. Ok, please get back on topic if you can.
u kno if Kerm is off topic too i dont think u need to be tellin us to get on topic, it is kinda his site, not urs
true, but I feel as if I should help keep things on topic in all places, especially in the area I mod and psots I start.
ok w/e mister big shot
No, don't take offense, it's OK. He's doing the right thing. And yes, I started the offtopicness.

So how far have you gotten with your site?
I might start working on the simple stuff soon, hope it all turns out well. If omeone could come up with a design though, it would well be appreciated.
Yeah, I think until you learn more PHP etc. you should stick with a template-based system like PHPnuke. It's too easy to screw something up with a cobbled-together system like mine. Smile
I was just going to go with BASIC HTML, it works better for me, unless someone can get a module to do WebRings in Nuke
They must have that...
Basic HTML?!?! You can't do anything dynamic with that. Crying
well, it seems I can't really get what I like, plus I think this will work better for me. That is, unless I get a web design made up. I might ask someone at school it they can help.
That's a good idea, then we can help you finetune it.
I will try and get started on the site.
OK, you do that.
if anyone has any ideas, post them here or at my site.
i now have adobe golive so i can make sites even easier, so if u want me to do anything im free untill tomorw, when i go out of town
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