give it a shot, let your ideas run free, only one thing, it has to look good with the site logo (in my sig)
ok ill start workin on it now, im not leavin till monso i have a lil more time, so u wanna basic kind of site, kind of like the 1 we mwde b4? but better

o and do u have a bigger version of the logo?
I am not picky. If you can improve ont the old one, do so, I kind of want to see what people can bring to the table.
u got a bigger pic of ur logo?
no, that, and I am on the wrong comp for making a bigger one.
o cuz i wasn wantin a big clear 1 so i could match font and use the image on the top part
It is the default GIMP font style, changed a little on size to make work
idk wut the gimp font is, i dont have gimp. ill try to match it with 1 of the fonts i have in photoshop, i guess
It's one of the arial variants, I forget which.
watch teh progress!!
coming along good, Alex, do you have a submission yet?
now can be seen at
There is also another entry at
This was made by a friend of mine at school. I will choose from the best, and work them for me.
Alex10819: How goes you design?
Hmm, I like Pat's better for now. Pat: stretch the duotone greens on the logo across the top of the page for a wider logo, that would look more cohesive.
it really looks like he stole the logo from me
maybe, but we all know it is my logo, ok, well, lets hope that Alex can get his in soon, so I can make a descision.
i have been unable to do anything because my comp crashed after upgrading to windows xp proffesional Sad so i am currently on the phone with ms, YUCK, and i am being guided thru figing it with out it happening again, and with out loosing the files
ouch, right now, I can't get my comp toget to boot to Windows, I installed Suse on it, and now when I try to boot from HD, it says Grub, and then just sits there. I can get in to Suse via my CD, but it takes some time. I need some ideas of help on this.
u need to set up a boot record

i on the other hand have to back up all my data sum where else, then reformat my cdrive partition and then start over from scratch and have to reinstall EVERYTHING, and this sux cuz i have software that is single install, and software that i have no idea where the cd is. the comp im workin on now has no chance of runnin photoshop, or golive or many of my highpower programs. and if ur wondering, yes i am cryin, u would b too.

but as soon as i get my comp back up to speed, ill get back to work, ill be runnin xp pro after reinstallin, so thats a plus, i guess. :'(
set up dual partitions for you data. This way if Windows gets corupt, things won't affect you data (saved my but many a times). As for the boot partition, Suse created one on install. acording to Nikky_S on #clacgames, Grub has an error. I can get to Suse, right now, so is there a way I can reinstall grub?
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