This is a humble plea, especially considering how many things I've pointed out about the TBG Alpha. But believe it or not, TOB still has quite an active userbase. Now that the site is down, there is no way for people to download the game. So my plea is this, Cemetech:

Would you please, at least temporarily, put a clean version of TOB on the site for download? I don't want you to get mixed up even more in Blockland politics, so I understand if you refuse.
submit it to the archives, under freebuild...
My upload speed is terrible, though. I can't do it.
My recommendation would be to sign up for some free webhost, like freehostia or someone like that (search around) and post a file there, and just link to it.
I still have ToB 2.0 on my laptop, though it has a modified flatmap.

I figured ToB would die off once they allowed the playable version of freebuild to be downloaded
Au contraire, as we speak there are 4 servers up on TOB. The userbase is still alive and well.


Its available, and soon more than you think.
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