yeah, I wish things could be worry free all the time.
Legally free software is getting better and better though, cf. Firefox, GIMP, Blockland, etc.
To get back on topic...

I got a page built on the command index, but it is only on my memory stick right now, I have to get it uploaded. Once it is up, I will let you guys know so you can check it out.

Is there a way for one to have it highlight a word when a link is sent? Kinda like if you click on randInt( on the index page, it will take you to the word and highlight it. I think it would make it look kool if it is possible in straight html, but if not, I guess I will just have to leave it out...
<a href="#gohere">Click to Go Down This Page</A><BR><BR><BR><BR>
Stuff. More stuff. Etc.<BR><BR><BR><BR>
<a name="gohere">Congrats! You found it!</A>
I know how to do that, I meant the highlighting part...
Oh, you mean have some kin d of background color behind the text?? Hmm...

<P>The due date is <FONT
style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow">next </FONT>week.</P>
Thanks, I will see what that does. Smile

I am thinking about makin lesson 8 into 3 seperate parts, it is a really big lesson... Surprised But it does have lots of pretty colors. Laughing
Ah, you ,ran as a way to differentiate text, commands, output, etc?
I like pretty text. I hope it turns out well. What is the lesson about? Maybe I might learn something form it.
About hit detection on the homescreen using matrics, lists, and stings. Smile It was supposed to be the article for the newsletter, but...
ok, that might be something that I could enjoy reading and learning. Hope it comes out soon.
if you would like a look at what it is about: htp://

(Yes it is spelled wrong, I messed up when zipping it, but oh well. It has all three versions of the hit detection as programs as well, for your viewing pleasure. The lesson is being based off of the text file in the zipped file...
I have been browsing at it, but not throughly.
Well, it is just a preview, the better, easier to read version will be out soon, I hope...
I finished my TI-BASIC reference card. It should appear on Friday or Saturday. If you guys download it, I would like to hear your opinions. I spent about 15 hours working on it, so I hope it was worth my time and effort.
Yay! Can't wait to see this, it sounds like it'll be a big help in getting programmers from BASIC n00b to BASIC 1337.
I shall take a look at it as well...

Would you mind if it was put on my site as an advanced tutorial? I would like to gather as much info on BASIC (and maybe asm soon) programming stuff. Smile
Would you mind if it was put on my site as an advanced tutorial? I would like to gather as much info on BASIC (and maybe asm soon) programming stuff.

I would have to say no. I only like to have my stuff at because it is easy to remember where it is in case I want to update it or link to it. Thanks for the offer, though.
You could also put it on (since ticalc now doesn't allow hotlinking...) that way everyone could download/link to it easily...
Not a problem, I guess...
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